water base mud cutting treatment

Providing solutions for ultimately zero waste, Encapsulation service transforms Water Based Mud Cuttings and solid waste stream from Oil Base Mud Cuttings to useful pavement cement blocks as a substitute to landfilling and other non-sustainable solutions.



Water Base Mud Fluid Treatment

Traditional methods of removing ultra-fine solids from drilling fluids utilizing chemical techniques either rely upon a batch approach or by using separate pieces of equipment to dose dilute and treat.
The batch approach is inefficient, as overdosing with expensive chemicals is possible; also controlling the feed conditions for centrifuge processing is difficult.
A using separate piece of equipment to dose dilute and treat, is an improved method but has the disadvantages of increased installation time and cost.

GVOS’s Chemically Enhanced Centrifugation CEC System eliminates both of these problems by offering real-time fluid treatment as an integrated package. GVOS’s CECTM System allows the operator to use dry-form Coagulant and Flocculants; this significantly reduces the purchase and transportation costs when compared to liquid form chemicals.

CECTM System is the culmination of over 7 years’ experience and offers an efficient method of colloidal particle treatment.