oil base mud cutting treatment

Thermal Desorption Unit

Green Valley Oil Services is the sole owner of TDUs in the region to meet the region demands of Oil Base Mud Cuttings (OBM Cuttings) in an environmentally friendly approach that maximizes efficiency in recovering oil for reuse. Splitting the influent OBM Cuttings into a product stream of 99% recovered oil and nonhazardous byproducts of water and ashes.


Oil Base Mud Cuttings Treatment Methods

treatment cycle

Cuttings are received in sealed steel Cutting Boxes “Designed & Manufactured by GVOS” and dumped in Concrete Isolated waste pits. The TDU treatment principle is based on indirect heating in order to recycle Oily drilling wastes, the unit is designed to evaporate all the liquids and to condensate every element separately, so we can reuse. Oil, Water and Solids recycled from the TDU are valuable and can be reused directly without any pre-use treatment process, where GVOS already utilizes recovered Diesel in operating the Yard and the Unit.