Wastewater treatment

Production And Formation Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment

GVOS owns and operates treatment plants with different technologies and treatment methods, capable of treating almost all qualities and quantities of influent Oil & Gas wastewater, resulting in treated water quality that meets the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency standards.

Flexibility is the key to operational success, credits to the wide selection of in-house technologies, providing a tailored solution for any water quality. Based on the influent wastewater quality and the treatability studies performed by our Research & Development Team; Operations plugs in influent wastewater data into our treatment selection matrix that guarantees the best suitable treatment method resulting in effluent wastewater quality matching laws & regulations.

Keen on Green Routine is our term that defines that all our processes should follow the approach of maximizing operational performance, economical without compromising the environmental resources.


  • Ability to receive wastewater from almost any quality generated from all Oil & Gas fields.
  • Effective mix & match of influent wastewater qualities to different treatment sites.
  • Transportation service is provided by GVOS, as a phase of the Integrated solution offered.
  • Low carbon footprint in all site operations.
  • Capable of receiving wastewater at any quality and quantity.
  • All plant wastes follow zero waste and zero spill approaches.