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Wild Well Control :

Wild Well Control is the world’s leading provider of emergency firefighting, well control and related engineering services. These services are provided for operations onshore, inland waters, offshore and deep water.

Services Provided:

Emergency Response Services

Engineering & Technical Services

Marine Engineering Services

Integrated Field Services

Derrick Equipments

Derrick is leading the way by offering the most effective solids control equipment available on the market today.

Satisfying the ever-changing needs of the Oil & Gas industry for more than three decades,Derrick has shaped the direction of solids control through leading edge technological advancements.

Derrick Equipment Company`s headquarters is based in Buffalo, USA. Step Oil tools are the distributor for Derrick Equipment Company in Russia, Caspian and West Africa as well as utilizing Derrick Equipment as the backbone of the rental fleet.


Magnum Oil Tools International is a leading manufacturer of specialty downhole completion tools to the energy industry. Everyday around the world, somebody is using a Magnum Oil Tool to help get more from their oil and gas assets. The company engineers, manufactures and sells its products to the world’s largest energy companies, as well as smaller service companies and operators that merely want more ingenuity and financial performance from a completion tool.

Magnum’s most popular products include MagnumDisk™ Frangible Isolation Subs, Composite Frac Plugs, Composite Cement Retainers, the Magnum Stimulation Valve, “All-in-One” Hydraulic Setting Tools, a complete line of Tubing Conveyed Perforating Tools, Production Tools, and the PerfXtender™ Propellant System. It takes a lot of hard work to help today’s oilfield service companies work smarter.

Magnum Oil Tools reinforces its reputation every day, on every project and with every product. We don’t believe in complacency. Rather than resting on the fact that our innovative designs have redefined completion economics, we’re constantly considering our next high-impact innovation.

Magnogrid System

  • Designed to remove fine and coarse contamination.
  • Maintenance free (apart from cleaning).
  • Available in a range of designs to fit client requirements.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • High magnetic strength provides outstanding performance.
  • Safe for manual handling.