Green Valley Oil Services “GVOS” acquires Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) for the transportation, treatment and disposal of all generated wastes from Oil & Gas Industry, whether classified as solid or liquid wastes, all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are treated within GVOS to ensure a safe sustainable environment.


ISO 9001 being the world’s most recognizable Quality Management Systems (QMS), where it ensures the adequate quality delivered to the stakeholder, GVOS is a quality driven company where we strive to ensure all stakeholders stay satisfied with the quality of the service they receive.

Following a green routine where the environment is always a key factor along with the service provided, not only obtaining ISO 14001 ensures that we follow the guidelines to meet environmental needs, GVOS takes sustainability as an approach in service providing.

GVOS believes that satisfied stakeholders could only happen when all employees are provided with the safest work environment. ISO 45001 sets the framework for safe work environment along with the adequate experience inspires all GVOS personnel to optimize the output that satisfies stakeholders, without compromising in any of safety, quality and environment.